Service with a difference
Shree Ganesh Dye Chem offers its clients the flexibility of a trader with the Consistency of a manufacturer.
We have strategic Financial and Technical Tie-ups with the best of Manufacturing units. Along with raw material and finances. Our R & D provides the Technical know-how and manufacturing supervision followed by Quality control at each stage of production to bring out a product Tailor-made for you.
Why should you deal with us?
1. With communication, travel and courier expenses skyrocketing worldwide, it makes Business sense to communicate with one provider for ten requirements instead of ten different suppliers. That also saves precious time and manpower.
2. With many supply sources at our disposal, we make sure that you get a committed and regular supply of ordered goods according to an agreed schedule. So even if a 'force majeure' is at work in supply source, we arrange for alternate resources.
3. We ensure the Quality you seek. With a dedicated, technically qualified team, an our ultra-modern testing facilities, all that we export, passes through strict quality control measures. Goods we export are tested twice- at the factory and at our laboratory and can also arrange independent testing facilities to give you full satisfaction.
4. Having gained vast experience in Exports over the years, we take care of official requirements in order to expedite shipments and other necessary sanctions and permissions.
5. Above all, we offer related services: Regular information on the status of shipments, Quality control at various stages of production and assistance to manufacturers to remove bottlenecks in production and finance.
6. We can also take care of large quantities which may not be possible for any one Manufacturer to handle. Post shipments, we offer after sales service. Experts are at your service at any stage of usage of our products.
7. Our R & D is constantly engaged in upgrading products, modifying them to suit the requirements of our clients and establishing new processes of manufacturing.
8. If a product is not made in India, we can offer it to you from our resource bases overseas. We also advice you on comparative prices to enable you make the right decision of purchases.
9. Finally, all this comes to you at no additional cost because our expenses are more than covered by the meticulous planning and execution to avoid unnecessary expenses at any stage.
We hope that all this convinces you to deal with us:
Mr. N. H. PARIKH (M.Sc. Organic Chemist )
Associated with Chemical Industry since 1967
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